About KinshiPress

KinshiPress is a resource for writers and publishers who use WordPress.

We’re building a community for people who use WordPress as a publishing platform. 

Who is behind KinshiPress?

Hi, I’m Steve Burge. I run PublishPress, which produces publishing plugins for WordPress. You can find me on Twitter at @stevejburge.

What does the name KinshiPress mean?

The name is a combination of “Kinship” and “WordPress”. It’s wonderful to see people using WordPress to serve their local community, or an online audience they build around a topic. Our aim is to create a community of WordPress publishers and writers who are succeeding by creating and uplifting their communities.

Who is the KinshiPress community for?

  • Publishers: People involved with new publishing ventures, and those working to move legacy publishers online.
  • Writers: Anyone who writes in WordPress and wants to optimize their experience.
  • Developers: WordPress plugin and theme developers who create tools for writers.
  • Agencies: WordPress agencies who are helping improve their WordPress platform.