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Here at KinshiPress, I write about the importance of building a human connection with your site’s readers.

There’s no better way to do that than to showcase the authors on your website. When you’re using real people to create content, why not show them prominently on your site.

Promoting your authors is a good idea for your visitors and for search engines. Google’s E-E-A-T principles have influence on where you appear in Google’s search results. One key part of E-E-A-T is showing that your authors are experts.

How to Create Profiles for WordPress Authors

The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to create stylish profiles for your site’s authors.

This screenshot below is a preview of what’s possible with the PublishPress Authors plugin. You can add social media links, recent posts, custom layouts and more to the profiles. You’re able to organize your authors into categories, such as “Authors, “Coauthors”, “Reviewers” and more. On the technical SEO side, this plugin allows you to add SEO schema data to these profiles to make these profiles visible and useful for search engines.

PublishPress Authors plugij

How to Show All Your Authors

The Author Lists feature in the PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to build a custom display of authors.

This screenshot below shows the “Author Index” view. This allows you to organize your authors alphabetically. There are a row of letters on the top of this display. If you click on any of the letters, you’ll be able to drill down to view only the authors whose names begin with that letter.

Author List view in PublishPress Authors

The “Author Recent List” view allows you to show your authors, together with their most recent posts. This image below shows the “Author Recent” view. Each author has their name, profile image, and five most recent posts.

Author Recent view in PublishPress Authors

In the Pro version of PublishPress Authors you can also add to show a search box on your Author List. In the screenshot below, you can see that a search box has been added to the Author Lists layout.

You can extend this search option and allow users to search on custom fields. This feature supports all core WordPress fields and all custom fields in PublishPress Authors Pro. This image below shows the output with the field dropdown. The extra fields are placed next to the search box:

PS. Take a look below this post. What you see if a real example of the PublishPress Authors plugin in action.

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