Details of Techcrunch’s New WordPress Redesign

It’s worth checking out Human Made’s review of their TechCrunch redesign. The new site is headless and required them to build a whole lot of new tools. The review has Github links to all the tools used during the build process.

Click here to see Human Made’s white-paper.

“Founded in 2005, TechCrunch is the leader in online publishing in the tech and startup space. They are one of the most renowned publications in the technology and startup industry with an unparalleled insight into the nuances of Silicon Valley and its impact on the wider technology ecosystem. They are leaders in breaking technology news, averaging approximately 40 million monthly visits and amassing huge influence through their renowned TechCrunch Disrupt events. TechCrunch approached Human Made to collaborate on a redesign project and help them achieve their goals of a better performing, more streamlined CMS. Already familiar with the advantages of WordPress, Head of Product, Nicole Wilke, chose to accomplish this by capitalising on advancements with the WordPress REST API to build out a headless architecture on managed WordPress hosting.”

Techcrunch WordPress

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