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FloridaPolitics.com broke the news this week that the FBI was searching Donald Trump’s house.

Peter Schorsch is the website’s publisher and he broke the news on Twitter. This led to some positive stories about the website, but honestly it’s far from the most interesting thing about FloridaPolitics.com. The news about Trump would have broken anyway, and Schorsch was honest enough to admit: “TBH, Im not a strong enough reporter to hunt this down”.

The story of FloridaPolitics.com is more interesting than this one event. I know this because Peter Schorsch started writing about politics in the town next to me: St Petersburg, Florida.

Peter was involved with local political campaigns and started writing about St Petersburg politics back in 2009. He launched using the WordPress website at SaintPetersBlog.com. He published over 50,000 posts in the next eight years and won a ton of awards for his political coverage. You can read his personal overview of the site here.

In 2017, Peter expanded to FloridaPolitics.com, another WordPress site, but this time with more high-profile domain name that allowed him to expand his coverage site-wide. Peter is still based in St Petersburg but he now has a big team of contributors and writers. The site has podcasts, a print magazine, and several regular newsletters.

This might not be the purest or noblest story we write about on KinshiPress: Peter started his first site as a way to trade political gossip and help clients. But it is an example of how new and independent media startups can and do leverage WordPress to make an impact in industries they are passionate about.

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