Global Press is a Group of WordPress-Powered News Bureaus

Global Press has an interesting and very different business model from anything else we’ve covered here at KinshiPress.

Yes, they are WordPress-powered and innovative. But rather than being a traditional publisher, they are building independent news bureaus. Each bureau is staffed by local, women reporters, in some of the world’s least-covered places. They have journalists in places such as Mongolia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Global Press supports the journalists by giving them access to editors, fact-checkers, translators, style guides, and more. The goal is to provide stories from people in the impacted communities, rather than “parachute journalists”. This image below shows an example of the team involved in one story about Uganda:

Global Press accuracy check

Global Press has been around for over 15 years and now works with dozens of reporters. You can read their journalism at Stories are published on the Global Press Journal website in both the reporter’s local language and English. Local language versions are distributed by more than a hundred partners. English translations, meanwhile, are published by partners like Quartz and the BBC. You can seen an example of the multilingual approach on this story about Puerto Rico.

Global Press in English and Spanish

The Emerson Collective has a deep dive on the Global Press that’s well worth your time (Emerson Collective is one of the top funding sources for local newsrooms).

Global Press Journal frontpage

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