Logtivity is an Activity Log for WordPress Publishers

If you run a newspaper or magazine site, there may be a lot of activity with authors, editors, and also ordinary users.

It’s important for publishers to have an accurate way to track who is making changes on their site. And it’s vital to know what has been changed. Here at KinshiPress, we recommend Logtivity as an excellent way to monitor your site.

Logtivity is a centralized platform for activity logs and alerts. They track everything that happens on the sites you maintain, and Logtivity also sends you alerts for important events! When you set up Logtivity to monitor your site, you can relax.

This image below shows how Logtivity appears inside your WordPress admin area:

Logtivity is An Activity Log for WordPress

Logtivity can track detailed changes across all WordPress post types.

Logtivity can record very specific changes such as a new featured image added to a post. This image below shows how Logtivity will record a new featured image.

If you click the “View” button in the image above, you’ll be given detailed information about the change. There’s information about the user who made the change, when they made it, and which image they added.

This next image below shows a log entry for Yoast SEO. In this log, there has been a change to the Yoast content score.

If you click “View”, you can see who made the change. You can also see that the content score changed from “60” to “90”.

These Logtivity features work for anything that is a “post” in WordPress, so that includes WooCommerce products. This next image shows Logtivity recording a price change from $12 to $19 for a WooCommerce product:

Logtivity really does support a wide range of WordPress plugins, so I’ll include an example from another plugin. This next image shows a log recording a price change in Easy Digital Downloads from $79.00 to $89.00.

Try Logtivity for your WordPress publisher

Logtivity has pricing as low as $9 per month. You can be set up and monitoring your websites in minutes. Click here to start your activity logs today.

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