Mississippi Today is a Success Story for Non-Profit WordPress Publishers

There’s a WordPress-based publisher that has been filling up my news feed with a medical insurance story today: Here’s the story: “Need an organ transplant in Mississippi? You may be out of luck thanks to an insurance dispute

Mississippi Today is a non-profit that started in 2016 with a focus on statehouse government. They’ve grown over the last few years and now also focus on education, public health, justice and the environment.

Mississippi Today is a success story now one of the largest newsrooms in Mississippi. One of their goals is “proving that free, nonpartisan news is the antidote to apathy and an essential key to government accountability.”

You can place Mississippi Today alongside The Current in neighboring Louisiana.

Mississippi Today talk here about how they’re growing their advertising revenue:

Richardson and her team grew advertising from $5,000 to almost $17,000 during the Lab and earned $6,500 from events compared with $0 the previous year.

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