The Narwhal is One of Many WordPress Success Stories for Publishers

Want to be impressed by what a small independent publisher can do with WordPress? Check out this story from British Columbia, with photos, graphics and text.

If you asked me to pick one new WordPress publisher that I follow and admire most, it would be probably be The Narwhal. Since 2018, they’ve grown to over 4,500 members because of the quality of their content on their WordPress platform.

We wrote about The Narwhal in depth at PublishPress:

They are a team of investigative journalists who report environmental news and stories in Canada.

The site started in 2018 and has already won key awards for news and photo journalism. Click here to read their story.

The Narwhal publishes around one post per day, and they are more about quality than quantity. Their team write, plus also produce videos, podcasts and photo essays. Across all these mediums, they demonstrate a consistent style and heart.

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