The KinshiPress newsletter, Issue #11

Hey from Steve,

It was great to see many of you at WordCamp US this last weekend.

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WordPress Dominates As Rival Publishing Platforms Struggle

In July, WordPress saw off a strong potential competitor when the Chorus CMS shut down. This month, the Washington Post’s Arc XP continued its downward trajectory and lost more key staff members.

In contrast, WordPress continues to show signs of strength.

Introducing the Center for Cooperative Media

There are a ton of collaborations happening between smaller publishers at the moment. Two or three journalists don’t have the resources to tackle big topics, but they can when they work together.

I find out about many of the stories from the “Center for Cooperative Media”. This week they covered another awesome WordPress-based collaboration.

More links for WordPress publishers

Lesley Sim from Newsletter Glue has a new podcast for newsletter operators. is an interesting soft-launch using WordPress. The founders have raised $3 million to “find solutions that enable an independent press”. The executive director is formerly the director of journalism research at Pew Research Center, an organization that invests heavily in WordPress publishing.

Autostraddle is an LGBTG blog with over 2.5 million views per month. They were acquired by a wellness company that shares their focus. It’s worth reading the thoughts of Rises Bernard who labored for 14 years to bootstrap the site, using enthusiasm and WordPress.

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