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What could the WordPress community do for publishers?

Thursday, September 7 was a very interesting day in the WordPress publishing space. We saw a significant investment in the space, with the promise of more to come.

Using a “Reading Time” metric on WordPress posts

The Gutenberg team are talking about adding a “Time to Read” block for the WordPress 6.5 release. I see a “Reading Time” metric on lots of newspaper and magazine websites. But is this useful information? I wrote about this potential WordPress feature, and some of the significant limitations.

Recent stories for WordPress publishers

  • WordPress continues to dominate as rival platforms struggle. In July, WordPress saw off a strong potential competitor when the Chorus CMS shut down. Now the Arc XP platform from the Washington Post appears to be winding down.
  • There are a ton of collaborations happening between smaller WordPress-based publishers at the moment. I find out about many of these stories from the “Center for Cooperative Media”.
  • Indiegraf is a 3-year old company that is having a positive impact for many WordPress publishers.

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