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Social Media is Abandoning WordPress Publishers. What’s Next?

Last month, I wrote about the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress sites. ActivityPub could form the basis for a new social network with your WordPress site as your profile.

The time is right to explore alternatives because social media is abandoning publishers.

As you’ve probably heard, the Twitter is now called X, and it’s not very good any more. It used to be an excellent place to follow the news.

But the truth is that Twitter/X never sent many visitors to publishers. Even when it was more successful, it drove less than 2% of visitors.

What has changed in 2023 is Facebook.

Recent stories for WordPress publishers

  • I’ve been interested in ideas for long-term publishing. How can publisher sites keep their content online for years to come? So it was great to see Automattic working to migrate Harvard’s blogging system: “the network played a formative role for many now-influential bloggers and internet figures. It also contributed to the rise of podcasting.”
  • Also on the topic of long-term publishing, Patrick Posner has a new service that turns your dynamic WordPress site into a static version. It’s called¬†Web to Zip and could be used to move an old site to cheap long-term hosting such as Cloudflare Pages.

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