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Newspack Can Do For Publishers What WooCommerce Did For eCommerce

One of the key players in the WordPress publishing space is Newspack. They have a hosted service, but it’s also possible to download and use Newspack independently. The Newspack plugins are all available on Github.

We’ve started to see our customers use Newspack on their own hosting.

And it turns out that our customers aren’t alone. There’s a small ecosystem growing around Newspack. With the right encouragement, it could become much larger.

Newspack has the opportunity to do for publishers what WooCommerce has done for eCommerce.

Click here to read about the opportunity for Newspack.

The City Moves to WordPress

A few months ago, I wrote about Vox Media getting out of the CMS business. We’re starting to see some major publishers moving from Vox to WordPress VIP / Newspack. The City is an independent, nonprofit publisher that has been winning a strong reputation for their local coverage. They launched their new WordPress website this week. The new design uses a highly customized version of the Newspack theme.

Click here to find out more about The City.

Auto-Tagging for WordPress Publishers

When you mention “AI” and “WordPress” together, people immediately think of using AI to creating content. Honestly, that is probably the worst way to use AI.

For busy publishers, AI can help automate repetitive tasks such as adding Alt text to images, or adding the best taxonomy terms. Over at TaxoPress, we’ve just launched an AI tool that uses OpenAI and IBM Watson to scan your content and create relevant taxonomy terms.

Read more about auto-tagging with AI.

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