The KinshiPress newsletter, Issue #17

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Collaborative Editing in the WordPress Block Editor

Most publishers we’ve worked with do not use WordPress to write their content. They prefer platforms such as Google Drive because they can collaborate in real-time. That may change with the arrival of collaborative editing in WordPress. The very first version of this exciting new feature is now ready for testing.

Click here to read about collaborative editing in WordPress.

Local News is Dying and Being Reborn

The Medill School of Journalism put out their annual “State of Local News Project” this week. Yes, local news is dying. Here’s a quote from Medill: “Since 2005, the U.S. has lost nearly 2,900 newspapers. The nation is on pace to lose one-third of all its newspapers by the end of next year.”

Click here for more on local news and WordPress.

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Steve Burge