The KinshiPress Newsletter, Issue #4

Hi from Steve. Welcome to the fourth issue of this Friday newsletter. My aim is to give you the most helpful news and updates for WordPress publishers. If you want more regular updates, join our Facebook group.

Introducing INN: Institute for Nonprofit News

One of the reasons I started KinshiPress is that I believe there’s an emerging ecosystem of exciting publishing start-ups. A new ecosystem must have supporting organizations, and for these emerging publishers, few are more supportive than INN (Institute for Nonprofit News).

Gutenberg Phase 3 is Getting Started

For people who follow WordPress development, Gutenberg Phase 3 really got started this week. The WordPress team published three blog posts called Real-Time Collaboration, Workflows and Revisions. The basic takeaway is that they are planning to build Google Docs-stye editing in WordPress. Publishers will be able to collaborate on a document together in real time.

More Links for WordPress publishers

Thanks for joining us for this fourth issue.

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Steve Burge