The KinshiPress Newsletter, Issue #5

Hi from Steve. Welcome to the fifth issue of this Friday Tuesday newsletter. Sorry for sending this late. I had some problems with the mailing list.

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A new nonprofit acquired all the newspapers in Maine

A few weeks ago, I wrote that something new is growing in US journalism. It’s still fragile, and hard to define, but I stand by this quote: “I think we’ll look back on 2020 to 2022 as the start of a new journalism movement in the USA.”

This week provided more evidence. A nonprofit trust purchased almost all the leading newspapers and many smaller newspapers in the state of Maine. The newspapers all share the same WordPress-based platform.

Word in Black is powered by WordPress and history

I share a lot of details about start-ups here at KinshiPress, but here’s a very different angle on WordPress publishing. Word in Black is a collaborative effort between 10 Black publishers that share a strong and historic legacy. Many of these publishers are over 100 years old!

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