The KinshiPress Newsletter, Issue #6

Hi from Steve. Welcome to the sixth issue of this Friday newsletter. My aim is to give you the most helpful news and updates for WordPress publishers. If you want more regular updates, join our Facebook group.

Vox Media Moves to WordPress VIP and Ditches Their Own CMS

WordPress has seen off another competitor. The Chorus CMS is being shut down. Not only will Vox (the owners of Chorus) retire the platform, but they will move their own sites to WordPress VIP.

How Ars Technica Runs WordPress

Ars Technica is one of the most popular tech blogs in the world and has been online for 25 years. They’ve just published a very detailed breakdown of their WordPress hosting stack. This is going to be the first of four articles.

More (AI) Links for WordPress publishers

Neither of these AI links directly touches on WordPress today, but I’m 99% sure we’ll see their impact soon. Because such a big percentage of publishers use WordPress, these new AI tools will almost certainly integrate with WordPress. You may be using them soon.

Thanks for joining us for this sixth issue.

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Steve Burge