Exploring The New Footnotes Block in WordPress

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The New Footnotes Block in WordPress

Just over six years ago today, someone posted an idea in the Gutenberg repository on Github. The idea was just five words: “Implement a block for footnotes“.

WordPress 6.3 arrived this week with a Footnotes block that is ready for you to use! This is going to be a very useful addition for many WordPress publishers.

Have You Seen the Work That Indiegraf is Doing?

Indiegraf is a company that I plan to cover in more detail later this month. They’re a WordPress hosting platform for publishers, in a similar space to Newspack, Paywall Project, Lede, and others. They don’t promote themselves much in the WordPress space, but they are active on social media and have a really good weekly newsletter. Give them a follow and you’ll see a steady stream of impressive WordPress publishers, including these Planet Detroit, Trenton Journal, The Buckeye Flame, and The Discourse.

More Links for WordPress publishers

The “What Works” podcast crew interviewed Walter Robinson, a Boston journalist. He was played by Michael Keaton in the “Spotlight” movie. He’s involved in two new WordPress-based publishers: the New Bedford Light and the Plymouth Independent.

Stewart Ritchie interviewed Neil Powell from Parsely/Automattic on the “Scale’ podcast. They talked about using specialized content analytics for publishers, instead of a generic analytics tool.

Over at TaxoPress, we’ve spent this summer building out tools to help manage your publishing taxonomies. You can use Linked Terms to quickly add groups of terms to a post. You can use Synonyms to avoid having multiple similar terms. And this week, there’s a new Posts screen to quickly find all your content with a specific term.

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