WordPress Powers Almost Every Publisher at the Nonprofit News Awards

The central idea here at KinshiPress is that this is an exciting new time for journalism. There is a large group of new publishers that are mostly non-profit, mission-driven, and powered by WordPress.

This week provided excellent evidence to back up this idea. The Institute for Nonprofit News released their nominations for the “Nonprofit News Awards 2022”. Almost every single site is powered by WordPress.

Click here for the full list of the nominees.

I examined a couple of awards categories at random to check how many publishers were using WordPress. The answer was 14 out 15. WordPress really is powering a new generation of US journalists. Click below for some of the best and most innovative new publishers:

Best Investigative Journalism Award

  1. Asheville Watchdog
  2. Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism
  3. The Appeal
  4. Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism
  5. The Maine Monitor
  6. Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting
  7. Block Club Chicago (read our article on this publisher)
  8. inewsource
  9. Spotlight PA: not WordPress
  10. Center for Public Integrity
  11. EdSource
  12. Honolulu Civil Beat (read our article on this publisher)
  13. The Trace

Startup of the Year

  1. El Paso Matters
  2. The Kansas City Defender

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