New Publishers Are Collaborating and Networking

“The logical solution was for newspapers to form groups and cooperate, establishing networks of reporters whose dispatches would be telegraphed back to a central office and then made available to all member newspapers.”

I came across that quote from Tom Standage in his book “The Victorian Internet“. He was talking about the 1840s when news agencies like the Associated Press and Reuters first sprung to life. Newspapers in that era realized that each individual publisher could only cover a limited amount of ground and it made financial sense to collaborate on many stories.

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WordPress Statues Beyond Draft and Pending Review

When you’re writing a story in WordPress, have you ever wanted to label it something other than “Draft” or “Pending Review”?

If so, you are not alone because I often hear this request from publishers we work with.

The root of the problem is that, by default, WordPress only gives you three workflow statuses for your posts:

  • Draft: An incomplete post that’s not ready for publication.
  • Pending Review: Awaiting a user with higher permissions to publish.
  • Published: Viewable by any site visitor.
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Testing the New Collaborative Editing in the WordPress Block Editor

Most publishers we’ve worked with do not use WordPress to write their content. They prefer platforms such as Google Drive because they can collaborate in real-time.

They do this because currently it’s not possible to collaborate on content inside WordPress. If you try to edit a post at the same time as another user, you’ll see the message, “This post is already being edited.” You can either leave the post, or force the other person to stop editing.

That may change with the arrival of collaborative editing in WordPress.

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