Give Different Types of Attribution to WordPress Authors

Creating content can be a complex process if a lot of users are involved.

And when it comes to giving attribution, sometimes it’s not enough to group everyone together as an “Author”. Wouldn’t it be better to give accurate attribution to all the people who help create your content?

Imagine having a WordPress post where you give credit to the main “Author”, an “Editor”, a “Reviewer”, and a “Photographer”.

The PublishPress Authors plugin now offers this option for WordPress users, thanks to an “Author Categories” feature.

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New Publishers Are Collaborating and Networking

“The logical solution was for newspapers to form groups and cooperate, establishing networks of reporters whose dispatches would be telegraphed back to a central office and then made available to all member newspapers.”

I came across that quote from Tom Standage in his book “The Victorian Internet“. He was talking about the 1840s when news agencies like the Associated Press and Reuters first sprung to life. Newspapers in that era realized that each individual publisher could only cover a limited amount of ground and it made financial sense to collaborate on many stories.

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