How Pew Research Use Gutenberg Blocks for Publishing

Seth Rubenstein is the lead developer at Pew Research. He’s been talking lately about their adoption of Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress publishing.

Seth started with a really interesting Twitter thread full of examples:

“For all its naysayers Gutenberg is a game changer for digital news apps. Its a force multiplier for your team. We’ve spent the last 3 years going “all in” on block development. Here’s a little thread of what’s possible with the right investment into Gutenberg..”

Next, Seth took part in an interview that showcased his team’s work with Gutenberg blocks. The practical part of this video starts at the 13 minute mark. If you’re considering using blocks for WordPress publishing, this video is absolutely worth your time.

Seth and his colleague Michael Piccorossi show how they use a mixture of core and custom blocks to build their entire site. They have built custom blocks to create powerful charts and quizzes.

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