PublishPress Blocks Improves Gutenberg for WordPress Publishers

PublishPress Blocks is the plugin you need to publish advanced and professional content in the new WordPress block editor.

PublishPress Blocks has several key features in one plugin, including latest content blocks, layout options, sliders, maps, icons, and image galleries, plus custom CSS styles. 

Publishers should try the new block editor

As a publisher, if you haven’t tried Gutenberg yet, I really think you might like it. The block editor allows you to have very different writing and editing experience from the classic version.

The writing process in Gutenberg will be more flexible because with one click you can add images, paragraphs, cover images, multimedia and more. Each content block can be moved easily by drag-and-drop.

So, what is the role of PublishPress Blocks in the new Gutenberg editor? PublishPress Blocks acts as a complement to Gutenberg. Using this plugin gives you access to 24 extra layout options, accordions, sliders, maps, image galleries, icons, and much more. There are many advanced features available, and we’ll describe some of them in this guide:.

Content Display blocks

You can use the “Content Display” block in PublishPress Blocks to display all your latest content.

The layout options available in the blocks include Grid, Frontpage, List, Newspaper, Masonry, and Slider. The block has many layout options make your posts look beautiful and exclusive. It also includes filters by author, categories, tags, and more.

Content Display blocks

Remove unwanted blocks with Block Access

If you have a team of writers, you can enable or disable certain blocks to make sure they. For example, you can disable the “classic” block to prevent editors from using older versions of the WordPress editor. Click here for more on disabling unwanted blocks.

Remove unwanted blocks with Block Access

Choose different column layouts

When you use the default Gutenberg editor, it will be an issue when you want to place a block side by side. But using PublishPress Blocks, its a piece of cake with all the available layout options. There are 24 column options that you can use. You can choose and customize it to produce a comfortable and attractive display for your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or mobile device. Check out the Columns Manager block.

Choose different column layouts in Gutenberg

Over 20 additional Gutenberg blocks

PublishPress Blocks gives you a large selection of blocks to make the content look professional. You can easily create a Table of Contents, or add buttons with attractive design options.

Inserting image and video content is also more attractive due to more dynamic controls for zoom options, text, opacity, and more. You can check all additional blocks here.

Create custom CSS styles for blocks

You can add your own CSS styles to your blocks. This makes it easy to for your writer can apply the same styles by giving the same CSS classes to the blocks. By doing this, you will keep your branding and styling. Click here to see how to use this custom styles.

PublishPress Blocks summary

The PublishPress Blocks plugin is really helpful if you decide to us the Gutenberg editor.

In addition to the five features above, the Pro version of PublishPress Blocks also allows you to display a pricing table, show up WooCommerce products, and more.

To get all the features of this plugin, purchase the Pro version of PublishPress Blocks, or you can also buy all PublishPress plugins.

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