Introduction to the PublishPress Calendar for WordPress Publishers

A key requirement for publishers is an editorial calendar so that your team can schedule content releases.

For WordPress users, the best editorial calendar is probably the PublishPress Calendar plugin.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the PublishPress Calendar and how it can work for your content team.

This image below shows a preview of the main Calendar screen. The upcoming WordPress posts are organized according to their scheduled publishing date. You can re-schedule the posts by dragging and dropping the post title in a new date box. On the top of the screen are filters. You can use these filters to drill down on your calendar and look for specific categories, post statuses, authors, and more.

On this calendar screen, you can click on a post title to see more details. This image below shows more details on a specific post. At the bottom of the pop-up you can see “Edit”, “Trash”, “Preview” and other key links.

You can also create content via the Calendar screen. The steps are quite easy. Start by opening the calendar, then click on a specific date. A pop-up will appear as shown below.

The PublishPress Calendar is part of the suite of publishing plugins from PublishPress. These plugins are all designed for teams who are focused on high-quality content management.

You can purchase the Pro version at the PublishPress website and you will get more adanced features such as Slack integration, reminder notifications, and more.

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