WordPress Publishing Interview on the Scale Podcast

I popped onto the Scale podcast with Stewart Ritchie to talk about how WordPress is powering a lot of new publishers. The topic was the PublishPress plugins, and how running that business has helped us discover hundreds of publishing start-ups.

The interview is 35 minutes long. If you’re short of time, the meat of the conversation starts around the 8 minute mark:

We talk about 3 things the define these start-ups:

  1. Building community, not chasing clicks.
  2. Tightly focused coverage of one or two subjects.
  3. A range of revenue sources including subscriptions, ads, donations, events.

And we mentioned 3 organizations that are helping these publishers:

  • Newspack: taking away the technical challenges of WordPress.
  • INN: building a community of publishers.
  • States Newsroom: putting journalists into local state houses around the US.

I also got to give special shout-outs to the TheNarwhal.ca, who we wrote about before, and also Mississippi Today / Verite.

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