Storm Lake: Movie About a WordPress Powered Newspaper in Iowa

I’ve just come across a documentary about a WordPress-powered newspaper in Iowa.

The movie is called “Storm Lake” and was filmed in Storm Lake, Iowa. Check out the IMDB listing.

The movie’s synopsis is, “Art Cullen and his family and colleagues at Iowa’s Storm Lake Times, fight-at the local level-for the survival of their biweekly small-town newspaper.”

The Storm Lake Times is the second smallest newspaper ever to win a Pulitzer Prize. The Storm Lake Times has a WordPress-powered website at

Here’s the movie trailer:

Here’s a longer introduction to the newspaper: “Newspaper man Art Cullen won the Pulitzer Prize for his Editorials on the 2015 Des Moines Water Works lawsuit. With his brother John as publisher, Art’s wife Dolores on features and their son Tom reporting the beat, The Storm Lake Times is a family paper that isn’t out to cause trouble, just to report the news.”

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