The Cardinal News Provides Local News to Virginia Using WordPress

We started KinshiPress because high-quality journalism is really important, and almost all new, high-quality journalism uses WordPress. The Cardinal News is a great new example from Virginia that launched in early 2022.

They have a staff of five journalists, all of whom work remotely. The site is online-only and non-profit. They cover southwest Virginia, an area that is so rural that the writers struggle to get reliable internet at home.

You can read some background on the launch here.

The Cardinal News team are taking donations via WooCommerce and are off to a good start:

“The e-commerce channel has worked very well for us. People opt-in for our newsletter, and many donate small, monthly amounts,” said Rife. “We are surprised by how quickly The Cardinal News has become known throughout the state. Richmond has the second-largest number of our readers, and many say it’s because they are looking for different coverage.”

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