The Pew Research Center is All-in on WordPress and Gutenberg

Seth Rubenstein is the lead developer at the Pew Research Center and he posted a very interesting Twitter thread on their use of WordPress and Gutenberg:

“For all its naysayers Gutenberg is a game changer for digital news apps. Its a force multiplier for your team. We’ve spent the last 3 years going “all in” on block development. Here’s a little thread of what’s possible with the right investment into Gutenberg. The homepage, the top of topic pages? Those are all being built out in Gutenberg. Last fall we launched an updated version of our most complex digital product, the Political Typology Quiz. It’s built out in our Gutenberg powered PRC Quiz plugin. Two months ago we launched our new Chart Builder plugin, also powered by Gutenberg. You can build out charts with high levels of customization and see the changes in real time, its game changing! By end of summer we’ll be launching two new “quote sorter” interactives that will be our first built out in Gutenberg. What’s becoming a common interactive format for us will be something that a producer and designer can work together to create with minimal dev involvement. And this isn’t even taking into account every post, fact sheet, and data essay are built out in Gutenberg using a mix of core blocks and our custom block library. Half of our sidebar “widgets” (the TOC, Related Posts, and Popular Posts) are actually PHP rendered manually created blocks, a group block with special custom blocks like our TOC or Story Item block. This may seem like overkill, but it forced us into a block first approach that means by end of this fall we’ll be ready to go all in on full site editing. Which just means we can do more with fewer people and more consistently and better than before.”

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