Interviews with WordPress Publishers Covering LGBQT Issues

The Institute for Nonprofit News has just published interviews with 3 WordPress-based sites that cover LGBTQ issues. Click here to read the interviews.

Here’s a list the three sites. They’re all non-profits, and a couple of these launched very recently.

  • Yes Magazine: This is the most established publisher of the three. Their focus Explanatory journalism on environmental, economic, and social justice. They also have a printed magazine in addition to their WordPress site.
  • Prism Reports: Aims to record the experiences of people most impacted by injustice and started in 2019.
  • The Buckeye Flame: Covers Ohio’s LGBTQ population, and launched in 2020.

This quote below stood out to me. It explains why publishers like this are needed, and why journalists are launching these new publications:

“The idea is for us to use journalism to disrupt some of the really toxic and frankly, inaccurate narratives that are out there about our communities, and also to really uncover the injustices that are happening, and lift up the truth of what’s happening,”

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