Kinship Score

The “Kinship Score” is a fun idea that I post at the bottom of some news stories on this site.

I started KinshiPress because my work has introduced me to an exciting new movement of publishers and journalists. For the lack of a better name, I’ve taken to calling them “Kinship publishers.”

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It’s my experience that the most successful publishers right now are those who are building a relationship with their audience. The best way to do that is to dive deep on a specific topic or locality.

This table has a brief overview of what will give a publisher a 0/10 “Kinship score” and what will earn then 10/10.

Kinship score of 0/10Kinship score of 10/10
General “blah” content that lacks a clear focusContent that clearly focuses on a target audience.
Content could have been written by AI.Content is recognizably produced by a human who knows their topic and audience.
Content supported by low quality advertisingContent supported by subscriptions, newsletters, or high-quality ads.

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