PaywallProject is a Newspack Alternative for Local News Publishers

At the beginning of 2022, Tyler Channel published a short two minute video to Twitter. The video was elegantly done and introduced The Welch News, a small newspaper in West Virginia.

That video led to a detailed article in WPTavern with more background on the newspaper and Tyler’s work.

Tyler runs PaywallProject and tried to keep newspapers like The Welch News in business. He offers a more affordable alternative to Newspack, which is run by Automattic.

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MediaNews Group is Embracing WordPress But Dropping Comments

MediaNews Group is a major publishing group across the United States. They own over 100 newspapers and 200 other publications.

Their newspapers reach from California (Orange Country Register and Marin Independent Journal) to Florida (Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel). They’re also all across the Midwest (Twin Cities Pioneer Press and Morning Sun) and the North East (Pilot Online and The Saratogian).

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Non-Profit News Publishers Are Growing Quickly in 2023

I’ve talked often about the work of INN (Institute for Nonprofit News) regularly here on KinshiPress.

INN is a fascinating organization because they’re building a community of innovative publishers including many start-ups. And those publishers almost all use WordPress. In fact, INN has long encouraged their members to move to WordPress, even running their own WordPress hosting service at one point.

For six years now, INN has produced an annual report on the nonprofit news sector. We covered their 2022 report here.

I write here at KinshiPress because I believe there’s an exciting new publishing movement in the US. INN has the best data to back that up.

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