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You don’t have to work alone in producing content: the best writing is done in a team. If you’re using WordPress for a publication with multiple writers, I recommend that you try the PublishPress Authors plugin. With this plugin you can display the names of everyone involved in your posts. By default, WordPress will only show one user as the author. However, with PublishPress Authors you can show writers, contributors, editors, photographers and more.

Author Boxes for Multiple Authors

After installing PublishPress Authors for free from, an author box will appear below your posts. As you can in this image below, you can list multiple authors in one piece of content. Click here for details on these author boxes.

3 authors displayed in PublishPress Authors

The example below is simple. You can expand on these author profiles. Go to “Authors” in the WordPress admin name and you can fill in the author details with the name, profile, and more. This image below shows the “Boxed” layout with much more information. Click here for author layout details.

Authors boxes in PublishPress Authors

Author Boxes for Guest Writers

If your contributor does not have an account on your website, then they can still get the same credit as regular WordPress users. Guest writers can be assigned as “Authors” even if they don’t have a website username and password. Click here to see how to create guest authors.

Guest Authors in PublishPress Authors

Custom Author Pages

Visitors can easily browse works by specific authors because PublishPress Authors can provide a dedicated page for authors.

The WordPress core has author pages that show posts written by each author. These pages are located at a URL like this one: /author/username/.

PublishPress Authors can support these default author pages. However, PublishPress Authors also offers a more advanced alternative. This image below was created using the “List” view in PublishPress Authors. This new author page has an author box on the top of the screen and the author’s posts underneath. Click here for more on author pages.

Custom Author Pages in PublishPress Authors

Custom Fields for Authors (PRO version)

If you use the Pro version of PublishPress Authors you can add custom fields for your writers. You can add fields to your author profiles. These fields include Text, WYSIWYG, email addresses, specific links, and more. Click here for more on custom fields.

Custom Fields for PublishPress Authors

Layout Options for Authors (Pro version)

When you switch to the Pro version, PublishPress Authors provides five layout options for author profile. You can also create custom layouts for author profiles. This layout editing system uses HTML and PHP so you can customize freely. The inclusion of author information can be more dynamic when using a custom layout. Click here for more on custom layouts.

Custom Layouts for PublishPress Authors

PublishPress Authors Conclusion

PublishPress Authors is a key plugin for enabling multiple contributors and authors on a WordPress site. If you’re interested in purchasing the PRO version of this plugin, you can go to their website directly here: PublishPress Authors.

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